Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today's business world and is becoming a priority goal for companies operating in various sectors. As a company operating in sectors such as petroleum and petroleum products, metals and minerals, gas and power, renewable energy and hydrogen, carbon management, agricultural products, transportation and maritime logistics, and logistics and storage, it is important to integrate sustainability principles into our business practices.

Sustainability involves balancing environmental, economic, and social impacts. In this context, we strive to reduce environmental impacts and use natural resources more efficiently in the sectors where we operate. For example, in the petroleum and petroleum products sector, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy sources. Similarly, in the metals and minerals sector, we focus on conducting mining operations sustainably without harming the environment.

Socially, we collaborate with local communities to develop solutions that meet their needs and aim to create a positive impact in society. In this regard, we promote sustainable farming practices and provide support to local farmers in the agricultural products sector.

Additionally, economic sustainability means ensuring long-term growth and stability. We shape our business models and operations considering the needs of future generations and make financial decisions in line with sustainability principles.

Ultimately, sustainability has become a fundamental part of our business, and by adhering to these principles, we aim to ensure the long-term success of both our company and our environmental, economic, and social stakeholders.

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